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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I listen to you online?
Yes. Please do. Just click the listen live graphic at the top of the page.

What's the deal with that Doug fella?
Doug E. Graves smells rather musty and parts of him tend to just fall off. His current gig is "mascot", though he hopes to do a radio show one day.

Do you have any job openings?
Well, the mascot job is now taken, and many of the other employees just won't seem to leave, but if you have radio experience, feel free to send a demo and resume to yer pal Bobby Russell.

What was the name of that song you played at such and such a time, the one with the guitar and someone was singing, I think?
Give us a call and we'll see of we can figure it out together. Calling is better than emailing, because that way we can make you sing to us. (207) 990-3100 or (800) 287-1003.

I have a great idea for Stephen King/I want to ask something of Stephen King/I am his number one fan! Can you get me through to him?
No, sorry. Stephen does not have a public email address or phone number. We'd suggest you visit his official website stephenking.com for more information. And no, he does not do a show on WKIT.

How come you didn't play my request?
There must have been a very good reason.

What's the deal with that Drifty fella?
Drifty is an odd duck. He's not quite right, and it's probably good that he doesn't live near other people. Drifty joins the Rock & Roll Morning Show on Thursday & Friday mornings, sometimes with useful information, but usually not.

I heard something about getting my records appraised on WKIT. What's up with that?
Yep, Mighty John Marshall is on during the Rock and Roll Morning Show at 8:45 on the first Tuesday of every month. You can call in and he'll use his encyclopedic brain to give you an idea of what the old vinyl is worth. If you'd like to visit Mighty John's site, it's: www.moneymusic.com

If I send you my band's cd, will you play it?
Maine rock bands have a pretty good shot at airplay during Homemade Jam, and Dave Isaac has all the particulars here. Anyone is welcome to send in music. No promises, obviously, but it will get listened to.

Can I have a t-shirt?
We give away bunches of free stuff with on-air contests and remote broadcasts, but we sure would like it if you'd buy a shirt or somethin'! Online merchandise sales are helping make it possible for us to stream online.


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